Shannon Moxie
Tattoo Artist

Hi, I'm Shannon Moxie

My greatest influences are classic traditional tattoos, Japanese prints, Saturday morning cartoons, and floral folk motifs. I prefer to tattoo brightly colored designs surrounded by bold line-work. Though I’m formally educated in the arts, my  personal work primarily consists of linoleum and woodcut print-work which has also greatly contributed to my tattooing.

To me, tattooing is the last bastion of handcrafts that struggles for perfection on the most difficult canvas, it’s brought increasing amounts of stress, mental anguish, and fulfillment into my life. Art is a labor of love, for every happy client, each moment of satisfaction, the work is made worthwhile. New challenges create a limitless journey toward the future, but with gentle reminders that draw from the past.

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Shannon Moxie

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