Daniel Whalen

"I'm fixin to give you your next best tattoo"

Fine Line

  • Mixture of Textures
  • Whimsical
  • Lifelike


  • Soft & Smooth
  • Grey Tones
  • Detailed


  • Rigid Lighthouse
  • Soft Flowers
  • Reflects Reality

Hi, I'm Daniel Whalen

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, I’ve known I wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was 12. Not sure if that’s normal, but that’s the kind of kid I was. Life happened for a while, but eventually I was able to realize my dream and I’ve been happily tattooing and creating art I love for the last 10 years.

Oh, I’ve also spent the last 3 years living on a boat in Florida.

Back to me as an artist. I originally started out creating things in color, before deciding I wanted my focus to be on being the best black and gray artist I could be. Kind of like the moment in Wizard of Oz, but backwards. Anyway, I hope you like my work and I look forward to seeing what we can make together.

"Smile, breathe, and relax"

Eye For Detail

I love Black and Grey for the clarity and focus it brings

Natural Illustrator

Art has always been very personal to me

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Daniel Whalen

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What Others say

10/10 saw Daniel for a tattoo and the artwork turned out stunning! Everyone else that works in the office is so friendly, wonderful atmosphere.
Taylor Badten
Tattooed by Daniel Whalen
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