Shannon Moxie

"Ain't nothing but a good time"


  • Simple
  • Readable Shapes
  • Balance of Black & Color

wood cut

  • Dotwork
  • Subtle Shading
  • Soft
  • Bold & Delicate LInes

Folk Art

  • Bold Colors
  • Traditional Reference
  • Intricate Patterns
  • Motifs


  • Time Tested
  • Nature & Legends
  • Bold Linework
  • Vivid Colors

Hi, I'm Shannon Moxie

My greatest influences are classic traditional tattoos, Japanese prints, Saturday morning cartoons, and floral folk motifs. I prefer to tattoo brightly colored designs surrounded by bold line-work. Though I’m formally educated in the arts, my personal work primarily consists of linoleum and woodcut print-work which has also greatly contributed to my tattooing.

To me, tattooing is the last bastion of handcrafts that struggles for perfection on the most difficult canvas, it’s brought increasing amounts of stress, mental anguish, and fulfillment into my life. Art is a labor of love, for every happy client, each moment of satisfaction, the work is made worthwhile. New challenges create a limitless journey toward the future, but with gentle reminders that draw from the past.

"Good conversation, great tattoos"

Customer Care

Due to a strong background in service, Shannon knows how to set you at ease.

Classical art training

Very comfortable with heavy lines, bright colors, and perspective.

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Shannon Moxie

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What Others say

This place is the best... everyone takes their time and works directly with their new "friends." This is the place to go for something special. They are all caring, talented, and experienced. They are a family there with no drama.
Lance Crawford, T
Tattooed by Shannon Moxie
I’ve gotten tattooed by Betty, Shannon (x2!) & Braeden - they are all kind, so talented and make you feel comfortable. Miss Katie (apprentice/soon to be tattooing herself) & Amanda are both welcoming and helpful shop liaisons. I’d recommend them a million times over. The shop itself is peaceful, clean and welcoming. Beyond 5 stars satisfied.
Johanna Lara
Tattooed by Betty, Shannon, Braeden
Shannon at Rose and Crown is amazing! The whole atmosphere and vibe of the shop is very positive.. it just makes ya feel good walking in 👻 I’ve been to many tattoo shops and this is by far my favorite.
Angela Buck
Tattooed by Shannon Moxie
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Shannon Moxie at the Rose and Crown Family Tattoo Studio, and I can't praise her enough. Shannon is not just a tattoo artist; she's a true artist with exceptional talent
Dememtric Tucker
Tattooed by Shannon Moxie
Shannon is truly a special artist and person. This was not my first tattoo but by far the best experience I have had overall. The shop itself is very welcoming and homey and you quickly feel relaxed and comfortable.
Jarie Nabors
Tattooed by Shannon Moxie
Y'all. This shop is incredible. Everyone from the moment you walk in makes you feel welcome and like you are in the *right* place. I have been working with Shannon Moxie, and not only is she an incredible artist, but she has an absolute heart of gold. During my sessions she has made sure I was comfortable in every way possible
Vanessa Goldberg
Tattooed by Shannon Moxie
You Found the Right Place, so pull up a seat and stay a while.
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