Who is
Rose And Crown?

Matthew & Betty

Matthew & Betty are a couple of married folks who had a dream of running a business together. Rose & Crown Tattoos is that dream. You’ll often find them joking around and teasing each other.

Who is Rose And Crown

To get to know who is Rose And Crown Tattoos you need to know we’re a shop that focuses on comfort. We aim to change your expectations when getting tattooed. Instead of dark and cramped we’re roomy and bright.

When you arrive at Rose & Crown, the first thing you notice is how different we are. We have a private driveway surrounded by trees and open land. In the back is a horse and corral. Once you step inside you feel the refined taste of Betty Rose’s Decor, if you want a mental image think elegant country. We offer complimentary drinks, candies, and much more. Try us out and see for yourself. We’d love to have you visit.

Betty Rose

Betty Rose

Owner // Resident Artist

Betty Rose

I believe your tattoo is personal, and when you come through the doors it’s another chance at a new adventure. I take your consultation as a chance to create a connection and learn what you hope to achieve, so my tattoo can be a part of your dream.

Google Reviews

Y'all. This shop is incredible. Everyone from the moment you walk in makes you feel welcome and like you are in the *right* place. I have been working with Shannon Moxie, and not only is she an incredible artist, but she has an absolute heart of gold. During my sessions she has made sure I was comfortable in every way possible (cover level, pain level, bathroom needs, water, etc), and has been able to read my body language through the session and knows when to check in. She has been tattooing a part of my body that I can't see while she's working, so she has this awesome habit of touching the spot she is about to tattoo before doing it - I have never personally had an artist do this, and it is absolutely game changing. I'm so overly impressed with this entire process and with Shannon, and with Rose and Crown. If I could give them more stars I would. I highly, highly, *highly* recommend checking out the shop, and if you can get in Shannon's schedule *DO IT*, but from what I can tell, every artist here is outstandingly talented. And I can't forget to give Willie, Shannon's dog, a shout out for being an angel. He hangs around the shop and is just a bundle of love. Give him some scratches for me if you check out the shop 🙂

Vanessa Goldberg June 10, 2022

Personally I visit Ms. Shannon, but there is not a bad artist in the building. Ms. Betty and Mr. Matt have a wonderful place and atmosphere. I have found my shop and my people.

Hunter Leger May 26, 2022

I got custom script from Betty. She nailed the size, placement, and design flow for the area. The shop is super clean, they are pros at making things easy via shared Google calendar, an emailed PDF of aftercare instructions, and text messaging to confirm the appointment. They accept card payments which is nice because many shops are strictly cash-only. It's a welcoming, professional environment and a nice respite from the metalhead brofest that you find at so many other shops. And Betty's technical skills are top notch - my tat looks amazing and has beautiful, clean lines. I will be going back for sure!

Katie DeRogatis April 29, 2022

This is hands down the most professional and pleasant tattooing experience I have ever had. I can’t recommend this place enough! Betty is talented, knowledgeable, skilled, and extremely hygienic. Such an efficient and well run shop!!

Rachel McKinney April 13, 2022

The shop is super cute and a little secluded, which i like a lot. Definitely worth the drive. Coco Nicole was/is my artist. She designed an absolutely beautiful tattoo and I can't wait to go back and get the color done. Willie the shop dog is also the sweetest lil thing ever. Go see them for your tattoos!


The entire shop is very clean, friendly, and professional! Everyone is helpful and is geared towards taking the tattoo journey with you. Coco Nicole did my artwork. She is amazing! She took the ideas I presented, listened to the story, and then designed a personal piece that perfectly told the story. She not only knew what was important to me for this work, but took extra time to go out of her way to add detail and meaning. The final piece of artwork left me speechless! I can’t wait to return to Rose and Crown Tattoo for more art! I highly recommend Rose and Crown Tattoo and Coco Nicole! That you for taking an idea and turning it to reality and an amazing piece of artwork!!

Jeffrey Jordan March 16, 2022

Shannon is truly a special artist and person. This was not my first tattoo but by far the best experience I have had overall. The shop itself is very welcoming and homey and you quickly feel relaxed and comfortable. I was quite impressed with the number of mock ups provided and visualization of what my tattoo would look like and where it could potentially be. She kindly guided me as I couldn’t make up my mind regarding placement and was happy to show me as many different ways as I liked. This was also the first time I have ever had a tattoo artists make me cry- in a good way. Shannon was able to beautifully understand the assignment of a memorial tattoo that I gave her and also provided much needed comfort along the way. Everyone in my family has truly been blown away at how well Shannon was able to capture my grandmother’s essence through this tattoo. Can’t wait to go see Shannon again for my next one!

Jarie Nabors February 5, 2022

Shannon is awesome. Executed my design perfectly, and she's great at keeping pain low and letting you take breaks when you need. She's happy to help with tips when you're healing, always willing to try new ideas and take feedback. If you like traditional American style tattoos, she's a champ. The whole shop is clean and friendly.

Kevin J. Dildonik February 5, 2022

I've had three pieces done by Shannon now and they're all incredible. She works incredibly hard to ensure that each piece is perfect and is genuinely one of the kindest souls I've met in a long time. I'll be going to her for years to come and I recommend her to friends and family all the time.

greymalkin880 W November 27, 2021

Got tattooed by Shannon twice and will absolutely be going back! The shop has an amazing atmosphere, the artists are great and extremely easy to work with, and, of course, Willie is the best part! Overall, it has consistently been a great experience so far and I would 110% recommend Rose and Crown for your next tattoo.

Austin Wside November 19, 2021

I got my first tattoo done here by Shannon Moxie. She did absolutely amazing, made me feel comfortable and was extremely knowledgable and helpful. She told me I sat great for my first time, lovely to hear, and she has the hands of the daintiest of fairies! Much less painful than I thought. Cant wait to get more!!

Lindsey B November 9, 2021

Shannon Moxie is so badass! She helped me create the most perfect Legend Of Zelda inspired tattoo, she was kind and funny and had such a blast listening to her fascination on the history of tattoos and legends in the tattoo industry. I am naturally an awkward and silent person but she allowed me to let loose and enjoy the environment! Shannon, thank you for doing this for me, you’ll see me again for sure!

Katalyna Ruiz August 4, 2021