Who is
Rose And Crown?

Matthew & Betty

Matthew & Betty are a couple of married folks who had a dream of running a business together. Rose & Crown Tattoos is that dream. You’ll often find them joking around and teasing each other.

Who is Rose And Crown

To get to know who is Rose And Crown Tattoos you need to know we’re a shop that focuses on comfort. We aim to change your expectations when getting tattooed. Instead of dark and cramped we’re roomy and bright.

When you arrive at Rose & Crown, the first thing you notice is how different we are. We have a private driveway surrounded by trees and open land. In the back is a horse and corral. Once you step inside you feel the refined taste of Betty Rose’s Decor, if you want a mental image think elegant country. We offer complimentary drinks, candies, and much more. Try us out and see for yourself. We’d love to have you visit.

Betty Rose

Betty Rose

Owner // Resident Artist

Betty Rose

I believe your tattoo is personal, and when you come through the doors it’s another chance at a new adventure. I take your consultation as a chance to create a connection and learn what you hope to achieve, so my tattoo can be a part of your dream.

Google Reviews

Got my first tattoo here and Betty couldn’t have been more patient with a difficult design. She found the perfect place to put it and tried 4 different stencils before she found the right one. They definitely care and want your tattoo to be perfect.

Ian West May 30, 2023

10/10 saw Daniel for a tattoo and the artwork turned out stunning! Everyone else that works in the office is so friendly, wonderful atmosphere. Could not have had a better experience!

Taylor Badten May 20, 2023

Braeden (Lady Cordova) did a coverup for me and I can’t say enough good things. The experience was so positive from beginning to end, and I absolutely love how it turned out. She’s super talented and lovely to work with, and the whole place has great vibes with lots of laughs, good music, and Willie the dog making the rounds for pets. Highly recommend both Lady Cordova and the shop!

Reba Collins May 16, 2023

Rose & Crown gives you gorgeous tattoos in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I scheduled a tattoo with Coco Nicole, and the entire process was stress-free and enjoyable. She provided a design in different sizes and allowed me to compare each one on my body to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I was able to bring my sister for emotional support, and I left spending less than I expected for a tattoo more beautiful than I'd imagined! I definitely plan to go back for my next tattoo.

Caitlin Lowery April 23, 2023

This place is the best... everyone takes their time and works directly with their new "friends." This is the place to go for something special. They are all caring, talented, and experienced. Every artist listens and executes on the client's needs and wants. The consults are in depth and complete. This studio is warm, bright, welcoming, and can do it all from traditional, to modern, and realistic. They are a family there with no drama. I sat with Shannon for 5 hours, almost straight, and the conversation never stopped along with the pain never starting. Couldn't be happier. Will definitely be back for more traditional work and give Willie more treats.

Lance Crawford April 22, 2023

Everyone here was so nice and helpful. The shop is very clean and inviting. Dot did an amazing job. I could not have found a better shop and artist for my first tattoo!

Jesse Saucedo April 8, 2023

Set in a serene far south Austin location, the studio is bright, clean, and full of plants. I worked with Dot, who was lovely.

Erin D'Andrea March 3, 2023

I trust everyone here implicitly with my skin and the art is beyond gorgeous. 10/10

Amber Petrig February 4, 2023

I could write paragraphs and pages about this awesome place and the leader of the pack, Miss Betty Rose…..instead, Im going to list my highlights to save your time between reading and emailing her for a consult, which will be the best thing you will ever do in the world of tattoos. 1. I have been getting tattoos for 35 years….by five artists….Betty is absolutely the best. Why? A.She is beyond professional B.She has the very best sanitation and cleanliness practices. C. Her consults are thorough, on point, and efficient. No wasted time, all of the understanding is found. D. She is light in spirit. An absolute pleasure to spend hours chatting with. E. She is SURGICAL in precision, and works diligently. She absolutely respects that you are paying by the hour and does not waste time while executing amazing work. F. Her tattoos healed faster, better and easier than any of my others. Listen to her aftercare and DO IT. G. She is patient and kind. H. She has assembled THE BEST TEAM! I. MY TATTOO IS GORGEOUS AND EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! My second tattoo with her was a memorial tattoo. There were three of us ladies getting worked on in the shop that day (Both Betty and Coco Nicole worked with us) and when I tell you we were treated incredibly well, I mean it. Heart centered, fun, thoughtful, hospitable. Amazing. We all left with gorgeous tattoos, full spirits, and cant wait to go back. 2.Waste no more time, because it can take a while to get a spot! Hurry! This place ROCKS!!

tracy kamm January 26, 2023

From the moment I received a call from them, everyone there has been super nice. They were helpful in making sure I knew about my tattoo aftercare. When I was nervous, they helped me relax a little and sure enough.. getting a tattoo wasn't so bad at all. Definitely recommend this business.

Celeste Ferrell January 21, 2023

Lady Cordova was absolutely amazing, and I'll absolutely be coming back for more of her art. She took my ideas and melded them together into something gorgeous, then executed it better than I could have imagined.


How do I begin to describe my experience at Rose and Crown? It was by far the BEST tattoo experience I've ever had! From start to finish, I felt so cared for and every detail was noted. The shop is beautifully decorated, the music selections were perfect, and Willie is the best tattoo therapy dog! Betty Rose is an incredible artist and I loved our conversations. My tattoo is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to go back for more after I forget how much this one hurt 😆. I'd give more stars if I could.

Blair Doerge December 13, 2022