Who is
Rose And Crown?

Matthew & Betty

Matthew & Betty are a couple of married folks who had a dream of running a business together. Rose & Crown Tattoos is that dream. You’ll often find them joking around and teasing each other.

Who is Rose And Crown

To get to know who is Rose And Crown Tattoos you need to know we’re a shop that focuses on comfort. We aim to change your expectations when getting tattooed. Instead of dark and cramped we’re roomy and bright.

When you arrive at Rose & Crown, the first thing you notice is how different we are. We have a private driveway surrounded by trees and open land. In the back is a horse and corral. Once you step inside you feel the refined taste of Betty Rose’s Decor, if you want a mental image think elegant country. We offer complimentary drinks, candies, and much more. Try us out and see for yourself. We’d love to have you visit.

Betty Rose Feeding a horse

Betty Rose

Owner // Resident Artist

Betty Rose

I believe your tattoo is personal, and when you come through the doors it’s another chance at a new adventure. I take your consultation as a chance to create a connection and learn what you hope to achieve, so my tattoo can be a part of your dream.

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