Max Andrew
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Max Andrew

Hi, I'm Max Andrew

Born and raised in Vermont, I spent my time snowboarding and cooking, which led to my first sous chef job at 17. Spending the better part of 10 years at casinos and country clubs was the lead-up to an executive chef position in San Diego. At the time, I saw that as my future. 

Fast forward a little, and I’m married to my beautiful wife of 6 years, who began her career in tattooing when we met a decade past. Over time I found that as my love for her grew, so did my passion for tattoos, until one day, it eclipsed my desire to work in a kitchen. So, as you might expect, I decided to make that my new life’s work. Since then, I’ve found the connections, the conversations, the designs, and especially the act of creating tattoos as an everyday part of my life, something I can treasure forever.

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